The FMD Group

Fay-Marie Digby is a freelance fiction writer. Her love for writing began in 2001 when she started writing poems and her first novel in school. Since then Fay-Marie has come a long way and developed many writing styles, sharing her love for writing through her fictional alter ego, Katie. Katie has appeared as the main character in many of Fay-Marie's different stories over the years, the most recent being her first published piece of work, her fictional blog called Diary of a life for rent.

Although leaving education with only a handful of qualifications, Fay-Marie was not deterred from following her dream. Since the release of her first blog entry at the beginning of 2017, Fay-Marie has grown in both in popularity and her own personal skills. Whilst still working on her blog she is also currently in the process of publishing her work into a book/novel and already has plans for the sequel. This is just one aspect of Fay-Marie's many talents, alongside being an aspiring author, Fay-Marie has just began the process of officially launching her own company, F M D.    

F M D is a company that was first inspired when Fay-Marie decided to take control of her work by becoming her own publicist. After doing research into publicists, publishers, marketing tools, book trailers, and more, Fay-Marie soon realised that with her then limited resources, if she wanted to make her career work then she would have to take matters into own hands and learn fast. This then lead on to her further expanding her skill set yet again into the world of video editing. After making her very first book trailer for her fictional blog, the video was soon noticed within her local author community and requests began to fly in from other authors all requesting for her help. It wasn't long before her trailers for other books such as Gemma Metcalfe's 'Trust Me', (which has seen sales soar since the release of her trailer), which caused an even bigger stir, leading to yet more clients queuing up to get their own book trailer. It wasn't long after F M D launched before Fay-Marie started getting more video requests and not just from authors but also business owners, that was when she took the next step and started making trailers for businesses. It seemed like the next logical step and since Fay-Marie is always keen to expand and grow her skills, she has since made trailers for various businesses, including Hull Marketing Solutions.

With Fay-Marie's opportunities really beginning to open up, she decided that this was the perfect time to create a business which could help other authors like herself who have limited resources at the beginning of their careers to help them get recognised for their talents. What started as a simple side project for Fay-Marie rapidly grew into not only a fantastic business opportunity but a chance to give back and help others. Whilst the business name is F M D, there are many aspects to the business, including F M D Productions, plus coming soon... F M D Marketing and F M D Media. The business is growing every day and Fay-Marie has already started building her own marketing team who are already showing fantastic progress.

Fay-Marie is currently working on a few other aspects of her business but sadly nothing that can be officially announced as of yet but I highly recommend watching this space.